Back to the floor experience provides manager with renewed appreciation of the roles of others

New coordinator manager at Optimal Future, John Taylor, went back to the floor to fully understand how his role supports the role of those he will be managing on a daily basis.

The company’s innovative solutions are grounded in compassion based on empathy, respect, and dignity, which extend to taking the time to understand and appreciate each other’s roles within the company.

This is why John Taylor took up his position as Coordinator Manager but with the specific request to go back to floor to experience what it feels like to deliver on the role of a coordinator, a pivotal role which co-ordinates assessments, care, recovery and sign-off of patients discharged from hospital to recover at home.

John Taylor, Coordinator Manager says: “To take up the role of a manager is something I couldn’t do without understanding the impact of the decisions I make on the coordinators I manage. Being a Coordinator is an incredibly important role, I needed to fully understand it, so I put myself in the role to do just that, coordinate.

“Coordinators are at the centre of the business, they are responsible for liaison and communication between families, staff and other health agencies.

“I take my hat off to our coordinators. I managed to coordinate seven cases with the support of my team; they would normally handle 12 in a day! Needless to say I will leave the experts to what they do best and I will now take on the role of managing the process with a clear understanding and appreciation for what they do.”

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